The FBI just answered the Martin Shkreli question everyone was asking

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Social media erupted into a collective schadenfreude session when Martin Shkreli, America's pharma bro and reasonable-hoodie-wearer, was arrested on charges of securities fraud.


The arrest brought up many questions, most importantly: "Hey, what about that Wu-Tang Clan album he bought for $2 million?"

The Atlantic offered three ways the album, titled Once Upon A Time, could end up going public after Shkreli's arrest: (1) asset forfeiture (the FBI just takes it); (2) Shkreli sells the album to pay legal fees; or (3) the album is used as payment of any judgment, if convicted. Those are all sort of boring, but could lead to the album being released eventually. There's also already been at least one FOIA request submitted:


There were also some pretty good jokes.

However, the FBI ruined the fun by officially announcing they did not have Once Upon A Time blaring from some speakers in an evidence room on Federal Plaza.


Shkreli was released on a $5 million bond, and had to surrender his passport. His next livestream—the FBI called him last time—is probably going to be good.


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