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The Federalist is a right-wing website whose core function is to trigger the libs. You might know it from hits like “Having Pets Instead of Kids Should Be Considered a Psychiatric Disorder,” “The Obama Administration Is Now Apologizing For America Winning World War II,” and “It’s Time For the United States to Divorce Before Things Get Dangerous,” which inexplicably appear on the Facebook feeds of people you haven’t talked to since high school.

The fact that the site has never publicly disclosed who funds it has given birth to a Twitter campaign, although it’s likely that it’s at least partially being bankrolled by a co-founder of RealClearPolitics and his wife, who are both on the board of the Federalist.

The Federalist is published by Ben Domenech, a right-wing writer who helped Erick Erickson start RedState. Domenech is married to Meghan McCain. Today, the Federalist’s Bre Payton blogged Meghan McCain’s nauseating showdown with James Comey under the title, “Watch Meghan McCain Take On James Comey Over His Self-Serving Memoir.”

Something is missing from the piece: a disclaimer that she’s married to the site’s publisher.


Former GOP strategist Cheri Jacobus pointed this out, and McCain responded by saying the Federalist didn’t need to tell people about the conflict of interest, because everyone already knows the details of her personal life:


This isn’t the first time the Federalist has written about McCain without disclosing her marriage to Domenech. In a post just last Friday about Joy Behar, Helen Raleigh wrote:

Viewers of “The View” should be glad that McCain is available to bring some reason and logic to Behar’s utterly wrong argument. Most Americans, including many who voted for Trump, acknowledge that Trump is a deeply flawed individual. Yes, he is known for his infidelity, just like Bill Clinton. We all heard his past derogatory comments degrading women. Yes, he sometimes is vain and ruthless. But it is a fallacy to suggest there is no moral difference between Trump’s personal misdeeds and authoritarian dictators who commit major atrocities.


Raleigh didn’t mention that McCain was married to the Federalist’s publisher. Nor did Payton mention it in a January piece called “Watch Meghan McCain Eviscerate Ana Navarro During A Heated Debate On The Shutdown.”

The Federalist is an explicitly conservative outlet. Still, considering that it masquerades as a source of news and well-thought out opinions, it’s curious why they wouldn’t disclose McCain’s marriage to the guy who runs the site in posts about her EVISCERATING other equally milquetoast conservatives.


We’ve reached out to The Federalist for an answer, and will update if we get a response.