Clinton campaign video

President Obama endorsed Hillary ClintonĀ for president on Wednesday and said he doesn'tĀ think anyone has ever been so qualified for the job.

"Look, I know how hard this job can be," he said in a video released by the Clinton campaign. "That's why I know Hillary will be so good at it."

The announcement came shortlyĀ after a much-hyped White House meeting between Obama andĀ Bernie Sanders, who has vowed to keep fighting for the Democratic nomination.

InĀ theĀ video, Obama described his vision of "the America that we all believe in" and challenged the messageĀ of presumptive Republican nomineeĀ Donald Trump.

"An America that is strong and fair and gives every child the same chance we had. Those are the values that unite us," the president said. "Those are the values that make America great."


Trump was quick to respond ā€¦


ā€¦ as was Clinton.