The First Essay By a Politician That Is Actually Good

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Almost everything written by politicians for public consumption falls somewhere on the spectrum of “generally correct, but tepid and bloodless” to “absolutely wrong and full of lies.” They are all varying degrees of disappointing. Until today!

John Dingell, 92 fuckin years old, served as a Michigan congressman for more than 50 years. Now he’s old and retired and doesn’t give a fuck. He’s gonna say what’s what. So he wrote a piece for the Atlantic about how to fix our broken political system. You should read it for yourself. We will just briefly note the things he says that are right:

  • We should have automatic voter registration.
  • We should get all private money out of politics and publicly fund elections.
  • We should abolish the Electoral College.
  • We should abolish the Senate.
  • Journalists are good and sexy.

And he also uses cuss words in it. John Dingell thank you for obviously reading Gawker Media for many years.


John Dingell for president on the DSA ticket in 2020.

John Dingell you are the only politician who could cut it as a blogger my man.

Someone listen to this guy!