The Fox & Friends Crew Is Trying to Start Shit With Ryan Gosling for the Dumbest of Reasons

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There have been some awful media spectacles this week, but Fox & Friends got in under the wire on Friday morning with a late entry for Fake Controversy That Makes My Brain Liquify by trying to beef with Ryan Gosling about his upcoming movie.

Gosling is stars in the new Neil Armstrong biopic First Man, which dipshits are already up in arms about because the movie does not include a reenactment of the astronauts planting an American flag on the moon. Whatever, I say!!!!

But the half-wit Fox News morning gang did not accept Gosling’s explanation—he told The Telegraph that the filmmakers viewed the (alleged) moonlanding as a “human achievement”—highlighting the fact that Gosling is “himself a Canadian.”


“Uh, here’s what I think: Ryan Gosling is an idiot,” Pete Hegseth said on the show. “He’s a global citizen who thinks a bunch of humans got together and said we’re going to go to the moon.”


He continued: “No. One country, compelled by capitalism, by free people, with a vision, said we’re going to do this...Yet revisionist actors in Hollywood then preach to us that it was a human achievement, and American had nothing to do with it?”

Resident braintrust Ainsley Earhardt chimed in that this is just what’s happening in America, where everyone and their cousin “want to kneel for the flag, for the anthem.”