The furries are back in Pittsburgh and the Steel City seems pumped

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Anthrocon, an annual furry convention that claims to be the world's largest, is back for its yearly prowl through the streets of Pittsburgh.


Some might regard this as strange, but Pittsburgh stopped being weirded out by furries a while ago. In fact, if news coverage is any indication, the Steel City is thrilled that the furries have returned.


Unlike their colleagues at MSNBC, Pittsburgh local media have accepted that furries are as much a part of the city as Ben Roethlisberger (Furry name: "Bear Roethlis-purr-ger") or French fries on salad. Despite some negative depictions in the news and rampant online mockery, furries have apparently made themselves a welcome presence in downtown Pittsburgh.

WTAE reporter Sheldon Ingram helped passersby take photos with fursuited revelers. The local NPR station previewed the convention's fursuit parade like it was just another thing to do on Saturday. The Post-Gazette ran a feature about how much furries like Pittsburgh, while the New Pittsburgh Courier approvingly profiled several furries who have made Pittsburgh their home.

And the number on everyone's lips is $5.7 million, which is the estimated financial windfall the convention brings to Pittsburgh's downtown area, according to tourism advocacy group VisitPittsburgh.

What's not to love? Unless, of course, you're more of a scalie.

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