The future queen of England was christened with poop water

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Keeping with royal tradition, Princess Charlotte, the newborn daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton, was christened over the weekend, using holy water taken from the River Jordan. According to EcoPeace, a local environmental group, there’s a chance that the water was at one point tainted with raw sewage.


A lengthy report on the current state of the River Jordan’s ecology EcoPeace explained that the level of human-generated pollution in the river was directly linked to the sheer number of people who visit its banks every day.

“The major sources of pollution on the Jordan Valley include untreated wastewater and diversion of saline water into the valley, solid waste dumping and pollution from agriculture, husbandry and fishponds,” the report read. “Many communities in Israel, Jordan and Palestine discharge their untreated or poorly treated sewage water directly or indirectly (through groundwater seepage) into the valley.”


Speaking on behalf of the Jordanian baptism commission, Dia Madani insisted that while the River Jordan’s water is, in fact, pretty dirty, the organization followed strict rules about sterilizing and blessing it before sending it out for human use.

"We provide it to investors after cleaning it, sterilizing it and giving it the blessings of religious men,” Madani told the BBC. “Each bottle has a label from the commission."

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