The Gas Station of the Future Is Here

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Looking towards a looming future in which everyone rides in driverless cars, genius “design” types are already rethinking the humble American gas station. But are they visionaries—or IDIOTonaries?

The Wall Street Journal reports on the preparations being made for the day when everyone ditches their cars in favor of robot Ubers. The gas station of the future is bold:

Meanwhile, a Reebok and Gensler venture has been studying how to repurpose gasoline stations in the future when driverless vehicles will visit remote charging stations instead. One idea: fitness centers that include playgrounds, workout areas and fresh food stores.

“Today on your way home, you stop at the gas station to fill up,” said Joseph Brancato, a Gensler regional managing principal. In the future, the Reebok venture envisions transforming the properties into stations for “recharging human beings” where you “get an additional workout, buy some farm-to-table food and maybe pick up some holistic medicine,” he said.


Too late smart guys.


The future is now.

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