The George H.W. Bush Mourn-a-Thon Has Ended

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Just under a week after former President George H.W. Bush’s death, his body has reached its final destination.

Bush’s burial ceremony was conducted Thursday afternoon at Texas A&M University, where his presidential library is located. His body was delivered to Texas from D.C. by way of Air Force One, before winding its way through the Lone Star State by way of train. It was finally delivered to the library grounds by way of a hearse (insert a dated Planes, Trains, and Automobiles reference here), where the televised event gave way to cannon fire.

It was the culmination of a days-long period of mourning. Bush’s body and casket made appearances in Houston for an initial service, before heading to Washington D.C., where his highlights-filled funeral was held on Wednesday. It would appear that everyone was nice to President Donald Trump, even if that amounted to not talking to him much. Along the way, the numerous scheduled events, the national coverage, and the television schedules maybe, possibly delayed a movie trailer and definitely shut down some (but not all) of the mail.


The 41st president’s burial will also presumably bring about the end of the ongoing Respect-A-Thon, in which pundits right and center proudly and loudly paid their respects and nearly tore their rotator cuffs trying to out-salute one another. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell and Tom Brokaw may have taken the crown this time around, but when Jimmy Carter goes, it’ll be anyone’s game.

Until then, take a moment to respectfully, or disrespectfully, remember Bush as he truly was before his body was toured about the country—a World War II veteran, a rich oil baron, Ronald Reagan’s vice president, and, on the whole, a pleasant-enough sounding, race-baiting representative for American conservatives.