The GOP had an actual NRA lobbyist speak at the Republican convention

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It could have been worse: the GOP could have asked a representative of the NRA to appear at the Republican National Convention on Monday, when the theme was "Make America Safe Again."


As it turned out, Donald Trump saved America's gun lobby for Tuesday night, "Make America Work Again" night. The group's chief lobbyist, Chris Cox, showed up to talk about how the government was failing to keep Americans safe, and how it was more important than ever for people to own guns. He told lurid tales of helpless people gunned down in their homes because they weren't armed and police took too long to respond to danger. He warned that Hillary Clinton would try to take away everyone's guns. He urged people to vote for Donald Trump.

What was missing? Any talk of the out of curbing America's out of control gun violence.

A reminder: Donald Trump is a lifelong NRA member, and has spent 3/4 of a million on lobbying this year alone.

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