The Grateful Dead may have laced a TV crew's coffee with LSD. Let's look at the tape!

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This weekend the Grateful Dead played their three final concerts at Chicago's Soldier Field as part of their Fare The Well tour. The shows broke records and garnered pretty universal praise—a win for all involved. So let's take some time to remember when the Grateful Dead may have given Hugh Hefner and his entire crew a dose of LSD while on Playboy After Dark, Hef's free-wheeling interview and variety TV show from the late '60s.


According to drummer Bill Kreutzmann, who appeared on Conan earlier this year, friend of the band Owsley Stanley added LSD (which was legal at the time) to the on-set coffee pot—dosing everyone involved in the show's production who had stopped to have a cup—resulting in erratic behavior by the crew, some out-of-focus cameras, and one heck of a fun-looking dance party as the show's end credits ran.

Here's a clip of the show from the band's 1969 appearance. There's an interview with Jerry Garcia and then the band's performance. Everyone involved here seems really, really loose.

The Sixties, man.

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