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Alexander Hamilton probably never visited the White House. It was only four years old when he died and inhabited by John Adams and then Thomas Jefferson, who were not among his friends. But now, more than 200 years later, the actors who tell his story on Broadway have made the trip.


The White House hosted the cast of the Broadway musical Hamilton at the White House today for a student workshop, Q-and-A session and performance.

President Obama introduced the cast before they performed a selection of songs from the show.

"It is an understatement to say this was one hot ticket," said the president.

The Obamas have long been fans of the play, with the president having seen it at least twice. The White House previously hosted one of the first-ever public performances of a number from the play back in 2009, when composer and star Lin-Manuel Miranda performed the opening number of the then-unfinished musical.


Obama remarked upon how the show seems to be beloved by everyone.

"Hamilton, I'm pretty sure, is the only thing Dick Cheney and I agree on," the president said.

Earlier in the day, the White House hosted a session with the cast and a group of local students, putting an emphasis on teaching the history behind the musical. The Rockefeller Foundation is helping to finance a program to help low-income students to see the show to learn more history.

"What I knew about history was what was in musicals, so I know a weird amount about Eva Peron, I know a weird amount about 1776, I knew a lot about a certain phantom in a certain opera house, and that's what I knew about history before I picked up Ron Chernow's book," Miranda said.

The whole day was extensively documented on social media, both by Hamilton cast members and the government officials touring them around the White House and other federal buildings. It was sometimes difficult to tell which group was more starstruck.


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