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What are we reading this morning? Take a look for yourself. Here's a link dump to go with that cup o' joe:


Ever wondered how the studio behind some of your favorite animated films came to be? Well, wonder no more.

Hipsters ruin everything. The latest item? Toast.

Being poor not only sucks, but it's also expensive.

Say what you want about how horrific the Westboro Baptist Church is—and they are, I've interviewed them on multiple occasions—but they're kind of brilliant when it comes to marketing themselves. Case in point: their Vine account.


Japanese liquor company Suntory Holdings is purchasing Beam, the makers of Jim Beam and Maker's Mark. Why is this here? Because Bill Murray Suntory GIF break!

Bill Murray!
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As we move towards consuming the Internet via mobile, we're slowly killing the PC. But could this be the demise of the web as well?

What the Florida? Elderly man attacks fellow Wal Mart customer because the latter—a complete d-bag— had more than 20 items while standing in the express line. Whatever happened to just following the damn rules, people?


Chinese building a Titanic replica for a theme park. While tourists will be able to simulate the iceberg collision, they still will never be Leonardo DiCaprio

Canadian man spots his stolen car while in a cab.

What does Mario's skeleton look like? How about Mickey Mouse or a Lego man?

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