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Richard Spencer, the "dapper" poster boy for the resurgent "alt-right" movement, was in Washington D.C. on Friday for the inauguration of President Donald Trump, whose racist and xenophobic rhetoric aligns nicely with Spencer's white nationalist worldview.

It was there that Spencer‚ÄĒin the midst of giving an on-the-street interview about the importance of Pepe, the¬†cartoon frog‚ÄĒwas assaulted by a masked bystander, who landed a solid bow to Spencer's head before running¬†away.

Video of Spencer's assault instantly went viral online, where people soon started their flexing their creative muscles, remixing the footage with a variety of sound effects and musical cues.

There was the Miley Cyrus remix:

A Street Fighter remix:


A remix of a remix, with this G.I. Joe re-dubbed audio:

An inevitable Smash Mouth remix:


A Montell Jordan remix:

A political rap-rockers Rage Against The Machine remix:


Indiana Jones made an appearance, sort of:

Hamilton (of course):


A Kendrick Lamar remix:

And (sigh) Disney's Frozen:


Spencer later tweeted that there was "no serious damage" done and bragged about being able to take a punch.

The identity of the masked assailant is still unknown.