The Internet is dead. Long live the internet.

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Breaking news: there is no more Internet!

Now, before you check your email and tell us we're crazy, don't worry: that whole thing where you can check your email is still around. But calling that thing "the Internet," with a capital I, just got rendered as obsolete as the video store.

The culprit here is the Associated Press, whose style guide sets the standard for journalists and writers everywhere. When the AP decides that it's going to change the way it refers to something, it's always a big deal. So there was a lot of reaction when the style titan announced this on Saturday:


It's obvious why the AP is doing this: who calls it the Internet anymore? That might have seemed necessary when the internet was a newfangled thing, but now it's as integral a part of life as a phone or a television or a car—none of which get a capital letter. There's a long history of web-related terms being mainstreamed into language in this way. Remember when we had to write "e-mail" or "Web site"? (If you don't, congratulations on your youth!) So, farewell, Internet! You've had a good run.


Note: the above does not refer to the band The Internet, obviously.