Tony Anzalone/Twitter

During Wednesday night's Republican presidential debate, a lot of things were said, some of them accurate. But if social media is any indication, the lasting memento the debate will gift humans is #TrumpFace.

Trump made this face as moderator Jake Tapper said that Jeb Bush had referred to Trump as "a hot head" who shouldn't have access to the country's nuclear weapons arsenal.

Naturally, the above Vine sparked a lot of creativity. We rounded up some of our favorites.

Say hello to Mario 64 Trump:


Trump v. Charles Manson. Who wore it better?

Leave it to WWE head Vince McMahon to show Trump how to really mug for the camera.


Perhaps these will be included in the next iOS update?


This one is just, well, it's it.

Some people used the opportunity for self-promotion.


Predator references were haphazardly made.

Nightmare fuel was pumped into the world.


Unlikely connections were drawn.

Others interpreted the faces with a nasty mind:

It inspired some quality jokes to be made on Instagram.


It got run through Snapchat.

Even The Brands found out about the meme.


We weren't even tired of painting with the Donald yet, so we hope this meme sticks around, too.

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