The Jim Acosta Nightmare Will Never End (UPDATE: The Nightmare Ends, Kind Of)

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In today’s edition of “stupid things that will apparently go on forever”: that whole Jim Acosta mess!


You will recall that Acosta—CNN’s chief White House correspondent and a man who is always keen to remind you how conscious he is of the sacred duty he has been tasked to carry out, possibly by God himself—had his press pass revoked by the White House over some nonsense, and that he went to court to get it back, and that he won. End of story, let’s move on, cool, great. Nope!

Enter the White House again. Seems like they’re all about continuing this pettiest of feuds, presumably for the sole reason that Donald Trump thinks it’s funny. So here they go.

The White House had some absurd reasons for this. CNN was not happy. They’re maybe going to court again?

Please, I beg of all parties involved, just sort this shit out before Thanksgiving.

Update, 3:26 p.m.: The system works! Sort of.


So Acosta has won, but also the White House is still threatening that he could be dinged again if he violates some stupid new rules the Trump team is making up. It’s never easy with these people.

Deputy Editor, Splinter