The Department of Justice has repeatedly triedand failed—to punish sanctuary cities for their refusal to cooperate with federal immigration officials. On Monday, the DOJ unveiled a slightly different tactic: bribery.

The department announced $98,495,397 in grants for its Office of Community Oriented Policing Services hiring program. The nearly $100 million dollars will be directed toward 179 communities across the U.S. and “allows those agencies to hire 802 additional full-time law enforcement officers,” according to a Justice Department press release.


And how were those 179 communities chosen? Per the DOJ’s statement:

Applicants were notified that their application would receive additional points in the application scoring process by certifying their willingness to cooperate with federal immigration authorities within their detention facilities. Cooperation may include providing access to detention facilities for an interview of aliens in the jurisdiction’s custody and providing advance notice of an alien’s release from custody upon request.

That’s right. Communities willing to turn their police into stooges for federal immigration forces were much more likely to get grant money.

And, surprise, surprise! The “cash for immigrants” plan worked—80% of the grantee communities were awarded the money based on applications which indicated that their local law enforcement organizations would be more than happy to help the feds arrest and deport mothers, fathers, and children, despite President Trump’s insistence that he would only go after “bad hombres” in this country without documentation.


While the Justice Department has released the full list of cities awarded COPS grant money, it has not indicated which of those cities were among the 80% willing to actively collude with federal immigration authorities.

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