'The Legend of Wonder Woman' will tell the hero's origin story before the Justice League

DC Comics

Without Googling the answers, ask yourself these questions: Do you know where Wonder Woman comes from and how she got her powers? Chances are that you don't, but there's a reason why.

In the nearly 75 years since Wonder Woman was created by psychologist William Moulton Marston, the character has only ever made it to the silver screen once, last year—in the Lego Movie.


That's changing next year in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which will introduce Wonder Woman into DC's cinematic universe as it builds toward a Justice League movie. Anticipating that many people will be coming into the film somewhat unfamiliar with the finer details of who Wonder Woman is, DC Comics is launching The Legend of Wonder Womana new digital-first miniseries detailing her life before becoming DC's most iconic female hero.

We all know that Batman's a rich orphan and that Superman's the last of his kind sent to Earth for his protection. Wonder Woman's origin story, though just as interesting (if not more so), isn't nearly as much of a part the common pop culture canon.

Legend of Wonder Woman writer Renae De Liz will focus on Diana's life on Themyscira, the island of immortal female warriors. In addition to chronicling Diana's upbringing, the nine-issue series could provide a solid, canonical explanation for just how the Amazon and their magic will fit into BvS and inform Wonder Woman's upcoming solo film.

As Polygon points out, recent depictions of the mystical island and Wonder Woman have varied widely. In one telling, all of the Amazons were clay made flesh with the help of the female Olympian gods. In another, more controversial storyline, it was revealed that the Amazons were actually capturing male sailors, using them for breeding purposes, and then murdering them.


In theory, The Legend of Wonder Woman will set all of this straight and give the hero the chance to shine the way she's always deserved.

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