In this installment, Crowder starts with ad hominem attacks on Trump. "Off top, fuck Donald Trump with a prickly pear" is a good one. "For my whole life, this guy has been the Quentin Tarantino of being a rich douche—he has truly revolutionized the form" is another good one. But Crowder also carefully pinpoints an underlying tension between what people tend to believe about Trump supporters and the reasons his fans are drawn to him in the first place.

Crowder recalls the closing of a textile factory in his tiny rural Tennessee hometown, where the "unemployment rate's been double digits for 20 years and you're considered a rich kid if your daddy carried the mail." To him, these entrenched economic anxieties partially explain the Trump enthusiasm—his popularity can't simply be attributed to his racial signaling. It's funny and feels strikingly (and maddeningly) obvious in the same way that Jon Stewart used to make people feel in the Daily Show's heyday.


Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.