The making of Pope Francis, rockstar pontiff

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Pope Francis is shaking up the Catholic Church and putting the Vatican back on the world stage.


The Argentine-born pontiff's stances on issues like the LGBT community, women, and the environment are changing the public perception of the Church. Some see him as a Marxist pope, someone who has defiantly aligned himself with the poor. Others view him as a rock star pontiff who defies norms and appeals to a new generation of Catholics.

But just how deep is he transforming the Church? Are his gestures more symbolic than real?

As Pope Francis embarks on a visit to the United States, we look at his rise to the papacy in Fusion's documentary Saint or Sinner: Pope Francis. Watch all six parts of the special below. 

Part 1

“All the cardinals turned to each other and said, 'That’s the man.'”

Part 2

"I am a sinner. I really am a sinner.'”

Part 3

“If a gay person is a person who seeks God and has goodwill, who am I to judge?”

Part 4

“Pope Francis is not the progressive, liberal icon people would like him to be.”

Part 5

“If Pope Francis can’t reach millennials, I don't think anyone can. He’s, in a sense, a pop phenomenon.”

Part 6

“What matters is not Bergoglio and his past, but Pope Francis and his future.”

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