The man who shouted 'Jew-S-A' at a Trump rally is now blaming Mexicans for his anti-Semitism

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Over the weekend, George Lindell became one of Donald Trump's most famous supporters when he was caught on video shouting, "Jew-S-A!" at the press pen during a Trump rally in Phoenix.

Now Lindell has debuted the mother of all excuses for why he was shouting what appeared to be a blatantly anti-Semitic tirade.


“I’m around Mexican people all the time,” Lindell told Buzzfeed on Sunday. “I speak Spanish a lot. That’s just the way I say it.”

So, you see, Lindell wasn't being anti-Semitic at all! He was actually just pronouncing the word "U.S.A." in accented English, which, if true, definitely wouldn't also be a totally offensive thing to do.

It's probably not true. In the video, Lindell can also be heard saying, "We're run by the Jews, OK?" But, in Lindell's defense, "we're run by the Jews" sounds a lot like biblioteca, the Spanish word for "library."

Trump has attracted a sometimes strongly anti-Semitic following. His legions of supporters have unleashed anti-Semitic attacks all over the internet—including from Trump himself (and his son).


This is not Lindell's first time as an internet celebrity. As Buzzfeed notes, Lindell first became internet famous back in 2011 when his colorful eyewitness account of a car crash went viral.

His transition from benign web sensation to Nazi-esque Trump supporter makes Lindell a sort of living embodiment of Godwin's law. Either that, or he's just the world's worst Spanish speaker.


(H/T Irin Carmon.)

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