The media coverage from the last time the Royals won the World Series is incredibly fun and goofy

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Using a combination of plate discipline, advanced metrics, absurd luck, and voodoo [citation needed], the Kansas City Royals won the franchise's first World Series in 30 years on Sunday. Let's use the internet's vast resources to see what it was like back in 1985 when the Royals won their first championship!

The Kansas City Times had a nice front page the following day featuring a hugging George Brett (he who inspired the Lorde song that has been the team's rally cry two seasons in a row) as well as Series MVP Bret Saberhagen.


The Royals won the game 11-0, taking home the World Series title in 7 games after initially falling into a 3-1 deficit. "[I]t was clear," the KC Times notes of the Royals victory, "which clubhouse President Reagan would be calling Sunday night." You can read the full game recap from the Kansas City Times, republished last year by, here.

The Kansas City Star had a memorable front page that day as well, featuring a whole bunch of Royals hugging each other.


But what did it look like, really?

Here's how the ending of the game appeared on the national TV broadcast.

After the game, the locker room celebration looked like a good amount of fun.

A little too much fun, perhaps. Here's Royals co-owner Avron B. Fogelman getting some booze poured down his crotch.


After the game, KMBC, the local ABC affiliate, led off their broadcast following their intro and snappy theme song.

After the final out of the game, a shot from the right field bleachers that shows the greatest thing in sports: fans storming the field after a win.


Then there's a a long, long section of B-roll during the team's victory parade. It's very 80s, there's ticker-tape everywhere, someone off-camera compliments someone's dog, and at one point a man in a (hijacked?) cherry-picker rises above his fellow revelers to rip down some bunting that was strung above the street on lamps.


Around the 13-minute mark, the newsroom of the Kansas City Star makes an appearance. The video is interesting enough for showing what a bustling newsroom looked like in the mid-80s. (Where are the laptops and reporters wearing headphones?) Nevertheless, it's goofy and strangely compelling.

KMBC, the local ABC affiliate, captured B-roll from their newscopter as well as more footage of the parade and parade-goers that shows the scale of the celebration.

Seriously, look at all these people!


Fittingly, at the end the team is showered with ticker-tape and cheers as Billy Joel's "Everybody Loves You Now" plays over a massive PA system. (30 years later, you may remember, Billy Joel sang the National Anthem at Citi Field, pumping up Mets fans in their contest against…the Kansas City Royals.)

Today, Star columnist Barb Shelly tweeted this picture of people lining up to buy the day's edition of the paper.


Looks like everyone had a really good time then and is having a good time now. Congratulations to the Royals and their fans, and for everyone else: Pitchers and catchers report in 109 days.


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