The Phantom Limb Project
The Phantom Limb Project

When James Young was struck by a Docklands Light Railway car in 2012, he lost his left arm and a portion of his left leg, but managed to keep his love for playing video games.

To this day, Young's an avid fan and player of Konami's Metal Gear Solid series, and now the game studio's returning the favor by designing a working bionic arm for him "drawing from the Metal Gear Solid aesthetic."


Together with a team of  engineers, roboticists and product designers led by Sophie De Oliviera Barata a prosthetic artist known for her steampunk-y designs, Konami is creating Young a limb similar to Solid Snake's in Metal Gear Solid 5.


Young was selected specifically by De Oliviera Barata and her team and the development of his prosthesis will be captured in The Phantom Limb Project, a documentary focusing on his everyday life.

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