The Moschino Fall 2015 menswear collection is an unsubtle homage to Baroque decadence that only Katy Perry could love

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The things to expect from a Moschino fashon show nowadays:

  • heavy-handed references to pop cultural ephemera
  • Katy Perry
  • club kid posturing
  • liberal uses of irony and branding

Without fail, yesterday's Moschino Fall 2015 men's show in Florence, which kicked off Pitti Uomo men's fashion week, contained all of these components.

The brand's grand, club kid homage to the decadence of Baroque-era fops became apart of a long line of Moschino's grand club kid homages to just about everything iconic and ironic: Barbie, McDonalds, and most recently, Space Jam.


Ever since taking over the creative direction of the famed Italian line in October 2013, Jeremy Scott has pillaged the mines and ruins of past street culture, relying upon an almost childlike fascination for cultural phenomenons to drive his collections' design stories. Splattered in motifs, Scott's reimagining of Moschino is completely lacking in chill and incredibly memeable, leaving one to feel these collections are either incredibly lazy or incredibly daring, depending on the intent.

Hence why, like with Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette and Falco's "Rock Me Adamedus" before her, you get a mix of modernity and ontological impossibilities imbued into this reading of an era's fashion. Ruffles, embroidery, brocade, and massive crowns squeeze the sculpted physiques of Magic Mike-esque beefcakes, rather than the soft belly of a bloated oligarch.


Scott even goes so far to bypass today's man bun, instead curling and twisting his model's hairs into the messy roll curl proxies of their powdered cousins. Courting subversion and certainly plenty of attention, one has to wonder if A$AP Rocky, the "Prince of Fashion" who sat front row next to the house's new spokeswoman, Katy Perry, would wear any of these styles.


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