The most expensive Valentine's Day gift in America is also quite possibly the least romantic

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A bar in Austin has partnered with a local jeweler to produce what appears to be simultaneously the most expensive and least romantic Valentine Day's gift in America.

The Iron Cactus Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar will be serving a margarita that is "highlighted" by a pair of "dangling earrings with 260 D-color, flawless diamonds weighing 3.75 carats."

It costs $30,000.

Here's what it looks like.

It's uh…yeah.


The earrings were created by Zoltan David, which is calling them the "Vision Earrings." The drink is called Vision for Valentine's. Yes, it's really going to look like that, with the earrings served as a part of the lime garnish.


"The sparkling, glamorous margarita is only available at Iron Cactus locations in Austin," the bar says in its pitch.

Patty David, owner of Zoltan David, told Fusion only one pair has been made.

"Just imagine if you were a woman and your boyfriend said, 'Let's go to Iron Cactus and order margaritas,' and out comes this — what a shock and surprise," she said. "It doesn't get much better."


David said that "there’s a lot of really wonderful people [here] who are romantic and have the wherewithal to do this."

To be fair, the bar is donating $6,000 to a local charity helping children with rare medical conditions.


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