The most important condiment innovation of the decade has just been announced

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What a decade this has been: gas is cheap, jobs are mostly plentiful, and now, you will be able to get packets of Sriracha hot sauce — the only hot sauce that matters — to go.

The announcement was made yesterday by @sriracha2go


…which has actually existed for some time, though to date it has mostly hawked things like Sriracha key chains and clothing. It's run by Huy Fong Foods, Sriracha's parent company.

According to, you can get a 50-pack for $14.99, or a 200-pack for $34.99.


"We believe that Sriracha should be as readily accessible as all other core condiments… if not MORE so!" the site says. "We started that mission by introducing Sriracha2Go in October 2014 and are taking it to a new level by distributing packets far and wide."

Sriracha itself has an amazing history. It was created in the early '80s by David Tran, a Vietnamese refugee who'd fled to California following the Vietnam war. His recipe was based on a hot sauce created in Si Racha, Thailand that spread across southeast Asia.


Huy Fong now sells more than $60 million-worth of the condiment a year according to the LA Times.

We've reached out to several fast food outlets to see if they'll begin stocking them.


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