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If you weren't already concerned about how much the Internet knows about you, consider this: Spotify now knows when you've created a playlist for intimate encounters. Well, they know if you've included a playlist with "sex" in the title. As The Guardian reports, the music streaming service hosts 2.5 million of these playlists. (In contrast, it hosts 28 million with "love" in the title.)


Spotify may also know its users' top sexy jamIntro by the XX is the song that appears most often on sex-titled playlists. The first song off the Mercury-prize winning band’s debut album has become ubiquitous, popping up in commercials, TV shows, the fashion world—and most likely, many bedrooms. Fun fact: the song lasts two minutes and eight seconds, which is exactly how long sex lasts on average in Washington DC.

The Guardian also shared Spotify's top ten "sex" playlist songs, which unfortunately contains ZERO Marvin Gaye.


Coldplay? Really?

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