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He who controls the pumpkin spice controls the universe.

So says a freshly brewed novelty Twitter account called @MuadDiBucks:

MuadDiBucks takes quotes about the spice melange, the mind/body altering, interstellar transportation powering substance that drives Frank Herbert's seminal sci-fi novel Dune, and inserts the word "pumpkin."

The account takes moments of galactic court intrigue and jostling for position in a cutthroat universe and gives them an autumnal flavor:


Created by two enterprising Dune fans named Justin Atchison and Nik Joseph, it's already provoked one interesting reaction on MetaFilter Projects:

I have suspected for some time that Pumpkin Spice was going to slowly turn our world into Arrakis. You're just ahead of the curve.


While this is far from the first time this joke has been made, it's the most elegant (and funny) iteration I've seen. In the meantime, the account provides a wonderful, fanfic-y, glimpse into a new political economy of pumpkin spice:


It's very high stakes:


Just remember the most important rule of all:


Correction: This article originally stated that @MuadDiBucks was created by MetaFilter users womprat78 and isthmus. womprat78 is Justin Atchison, one of the account's creators, but isthmus is not.

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