The Naked Cowboy called these women ‘bitch’ and they grabbed back

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On Hillary Clinton's 69th birthday, the National Organization for Women (NOW) held a "Nasty Women Grab Trump by the Ballot" protest in front of Trump Tower. The self-proclaimed Nasty Women ended up experiencing firsthand what the Democratic presidential candidate endured last week: being interrupted by a man with a sexist slur.


A recent Donald Trump endorser, the Times Square entertainer known as "The Naked Cowboy" sang his way into the crowd of women protesting against the GOP presidential candidate. Then, the Naked Cowboy, whose standard-issue tighty whities had the word "Trump" emblazoned across his tuchus, kept loudly singing as NOW President Sonia Ossorio tried to speak into a reporter's microphone. It's not exactly clear what happened next, but in short order the Naked Cowboy had called NOW Deputy Director Jean Bucaria a "bitch."

Bucaria, in response, yelled back, "I'm a bitch who will vote for Hillary Clinton!"


Ossorio then addressed the crowd: “You saw it live, right here, what women experience every day of our lives because we are here taking a stand–our constitutional right to voice our opinion about this election–and we are called a ‘bitch.’"

Since endorsing the GOP candidate, the Naked Cowboy, known for playing guitar in his underwear (and who supposedly earns six figures), has moved north from his usual Times Square haunts to become a fixture at Trump Tower protests.

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