The name of this television show is not what you think it is

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Tonight at 10 p.m., right after Scandal, a certain TV show will air on ABC. Viola Davis just won an Emmy for playing professor Annalise Keating on this show. Shonda Rimes executive produces this show.


What's the title of this show? Let's ask Google.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

You read that right: How to Get Away with a Murderer, which, no, is not the same thing as How to Get Away With Murder.

For some reason, the TV viewing public can't seem to wrap its collective brain around the name of the popular legal drama. We turned to KWFinder, an online tool that analyzes popular search keywords, to find some more of the amazing non-titles that users have dreamed up for the series* formerly known as HTGAWM.

How to Get Away of Murder

How to Get Away for Murder

How to Get Away to Murder

[Go on, take a murder vacation. You deserve it.]

How to Get Aways With Murder

How to Get Away With Murders

Get Away With Murder

Getting Away With Murder

Get Away Murder

[Maybe you're supposed to read it like, "Get away, murder!"]

How to Get Away with a Murder

How to to Get Away With Murder

How to Get a Away With Murder

How to Get Away From Murder

[Getting away from murder is, in general, a good idea.]

*Some of these people may be trying to research, you know, actual murder, but we've chosen to believe that's not the case.


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