The NBA just threatened to move the All-Star Game if North Carolina doesn't change their anti-LGBT law

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It's been bandied about in the past, but Adam Silver—the NBA's commissioner—confirmed today in a conversation with reporters that if HB2, which bans transgender people in North Carolina from using the bathroom of their gender identity, remains in the state, he'll move the All-Star Game from Charlotte, where it's currently scheduled to be played in February of 2017.


Here's Silver's full quote on the matter:

Prominent players like Steph Curry (a native of North Carolina) have said that discrimination is not tolerable, and it looks like the NBA will not budge unless North Carolina changes their tune.

The NBA isn't the only business to object to the law; Intel, Dow Chemical, and Salesforce all came out in protest of the law almost immediately upon its passing.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.