The New York Post's Story on E. Jean Carroll's Trump Allegations Is Mysteriously MIA

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The notoriously right-wing New York Post posted a story last week about the writer E. Jean Carroll’s allegations that President Trump sexually assaulted her in the ‘90s. The article has since mysteriously disappeared from the internet.


According to CNN Business, that’s because the paper’s former editor-in-chief, a Trump supporter and Rupert Murdoch lieutenant, ordered the story be removed.

The story, which was written by reporter Joe Tacopino, was apparently taken down on Friday afternoon. The page now directs to a 404 error, but is still getting a massive amount of traffic from Google search results. An Associated Press wire story about the allegations has also been removed.


Two sources told CNN that the story was removed by editor Col Allan, who is the former editor-in-chief of the Post and a current advisor to the paper. The Post declined CNN’s request for comment, and Allan did not return their requests for comment.

Allan is a major Trump supporter who reportedly once wore a “Make America Great Again” hat in the Post’s office during the 2016 campaign.

There are theories that Murdoch hired Allan back at the Post in order to make sure the paper was favorable to Trump. But other Murdoch properties, including the Wall Street Journal and Fox News, are still carrying stories about Carroll’s allegations.

From CNN:

Asked why Allan would order the removal of the Post story about Carroll’s accusation, one of the people told CNN Business, “Nobody needs to explain why. We already know.”


The Post’s removal of the story isn’t the only media controversy that Carroll’s allegations has generated. The New York Times has also drawn criticism for not giving what some consider appropriate weight to her allegations, which were originally published in The Cut.

The paper said that it was concerned by Trump’s denials and their lack of independent sources for the story. Times executive editor Dean Baquet now says the paper was “overly cautious” in reporting the story.

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