Ask anyone following the 2016 election and they'll tell you there have been no shortage of scary things that Donald Trump has said in the last year. But even the most jaded politico might be shocked to see just how long the list is when they're all stacked together.

In a post in the Reddit forum "EnoughTrumpSpam," Reddit user marisam7 compiled a master list of things to say to a person if they ask you, "Tell me why Trump is a fascist." Each reason references an incident where Donald Trump or one of his surrogates actually said or did something authoritarian and links to documenting evidence.


It is a very long list with almost 100 items, and so far has received more than 4,000 upvotes from other Reddit users.


The post is a welcome counter to the popularity of Reddit as a home for Trump fans. Posts in the site's most popular Trump forum, "The_Donald," get thousands of upvotes a day. You can learn everything you need to know about The_Donald from the a post made by moderators on the site this morning.


Around the time this post was made, Trump's campaign had just announced the candidate would be doing an "AMA"-style question and answer post on the site later this week. Keep marisam7's post bookmarked. You might need it.

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