The NRA hates Tim Kaine for managing to pass gun restrictions in their home state

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Within hours of being named Hillary Clinton’s vice-presidential candidate, Tim Kaine has been called “boring,” “safe” and given the nickname “Corrupt Kaine” by Donald Trump.

The NRA has not issued a statement yet on Kaine, but they’ve issued him an F grade in the past and have actively campaigned against him in Virginia, the NRA’s headquarters.

Everytown for Gun Safety, the national advocacy group that is pushing for gun control, tweeted that Clinton's choice of Kaine shows the campaign is putting gun safety first.


He was influenced the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre, when Kenneth Cho opened fire on his classmates, killing 32. It was the deadliest modern mass shooting until Orlando shooting in June.

After the shooting, Kaine worked with Republicans to strengthen the state’s background checks by closing the legal loophole that allowed Cho to buy the guns he used in the shooting.


Vice President Joe Biden used Kaine’s legislation as the foundation for what could be accomplished on a national level after the Newtown shooting.

His advocacy for bipartisan support for gun control earned him an F grade from the NRA, which actively campaigned against him in the 2012 Senate race in both the primary and the general election.


“As governor, Tim Kaine vetoed HB 1106, which would have allowed law-abiding Virginians to carry a handgun in their personal motor vehicle or vessel as long as it was secured in a container or compartment,” the NRA said in its endorsement of his opponent, George Allen.

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