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Pope Francis, His Holiness, the Bishop of Rome, is visiting the United States of America for the first time in his life this week. He seems to be adjusting well; he's already been in a ton of selfies.

But he might have to watch his back when he's in the Big Apple Thursday through Saturday, because the off-duty officers attending his events won't be armed. And the police union is mad. Uh oh!


Here's what happened: The Chief of Police sent out a memo today saying that since security is going to be tight at papal events, New York cops who are attending as worshippers would not be allowed to carry guns to see the Pope. Reporter Polly Mosendz tracked down a copy.

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This sounds like bad news for police officers who wanted to get their guns blessed by the Pope. But there's more bad news! The announcement was met with an outburst by Patrolman Benevolence Association president Patrick Lynch (who's having quite a month) who called the city's decision "dangerous" and "foolish" in a statement:


After calling his off-duty officers "professionals who are on-duty around the clock," Lynch closes by claiming the Pope will be less safe now.

The pope's security team reportedly began plotting their protection strategy three months ago. In June, Pope Francis suggested that those working in the firearms industry were not Christian, a pronouncement that did not sit well with many Christian American gun owners.


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