The only interesting thing about Hillary's emails is this dramatic reading by Sarah Paulson

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There is nothing I am more sick of hearing about than the emails of the Democratic presidential nominee, which have (time and time again) been deemed "fine" by both Congress and the FBI and yet somehow continue to be brought up in every conversation about policy in this election cycle. But finally, someone has found the truth.


In addition to a wonderful clip on how this election has robbed women of all the joy there could be in a female nominee, America's only good late-night host Samantha Bee discovered exactly who Hillary Clinton really is last night.

"Thanks to Wikileaks, we found the real Hillary," Samantha Bee quips, "a somewhat tech-averse workaholic, who wants people to have medicine, and wants her staff to print out this television show for her, large font please."


And then, because Samantha Bee wants us to have joy and facts, the show brings out Sarah Paulson, recent Emmy winner for her work on The People vs. O. J. Simpson. Paulson is a general badass who shows up in this clip wearing a "Nasty Woman" T-shirt underneath a pantsuit—the true uniform of a Hillary supporter—to read a bunch of emails that basically just beg to be printed. It might be the only truly great laugh you'll have before the polls close.

Pls print this article for Hillary.

Kelsey McKinney is a culture staff writer for Fusion.

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