Getty Images, AP

Is it an exaggeration to say that Donald Trump is the least popular presidential candidate in a generation? Only slightly. According to an analysis of ABC/Washington Post polling over the last three decades, there is only one presidential candidate who has been less popular than Trump: David Duke, theĀ former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard.

The post found that 67% of voters currently have an unfavorable view of Trump, compared to just 31% who view him favorably and 2% who have no opinion. Over the last 30 years, that same pollā€™s record for a presidential candidate with the highest unfavorable rating was David Duke, who beat Trump by just two percentage points with a 69% unfavorable rating in 1992. That was the year that the white nationalist ran for the Republican nomination against the wishes of the party and received less than 1% of the primary vote.

Earlier this year, Duke encouraged his supporters to vote for Trump or risk committing ā€œtreason to your heritage.ā€Ā Trump drew criticism from both the left and right when he declined to disavow those comments in an interview with NBCā€™s Chuck Todd. (He later denounced the white supremacist and his support.)

While Trumpā€™s unfavorability inches toward an historic high, two of Trumpā€™s rivals, Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz, are also having trouble. Cruz has an unfavorable rating of 53% with only 36% of voters viewing him favorably. Clinton has a similarly high unfavorable rating at 52%, but with 46% of voters viewing her favorably.

In 1984, the same poll found Walter Mondale had an unfavorability rating of 49%, just one month before that yearā€™s election against incumbent president Ronald Reagan. Ā He went on to famously lose every state in that election, except for his home state of Minnesota.