The 'Pixels' movie looks so good it might be summer 2015's 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

SONY Pictures

Adam Sandler, Kevin James, and Peter Dinklage lead the charge in the hot new trailer for Sony Pictures' Pixels. It debuted last night and looks like it might be the most fun you will have at the movies this summer.

After a time capsule is sent to outer space in the '80s, alien life forms send it back to attack the planet. Unfortunately for us, it is filled with popular, bad-ass, retro video games. Prepare for nostalgia in the form of:


Donkey Kong

Yars' Revenge





Check out the trailer below! We have high hopes for this one since our gaming thirst hasn't been quenched at the movies since Wreck-It Ralph.

Akilah Hughes is a comedian, YouTuber, and staff writer and producer for Fusion's culture section. You can almost always find her waxing poetic about memes and using too many emojis. 🍕

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