The police are eerily calm in the Dylann Roof arrest video

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The Shelby, North Carolina, Police Department released dashcam video of the Dylan Roof arrest on Tuesday, as well as the 911 call that led to Roof's arrest. In the video, the officers appear relatively calm as they approach Roof's car. After handcuffing Roof, two officers even appear to share a fist bump.


The audio link is below, as well as a full transcript of the 911 call between Shelby PD and Todd Frady, the owner of Frady's Florists, who employs Debbie Dills, the lady who trailed Roof before his arrest.


Police: "Shelby Police Department."

Frady: "Hey, this is Todd Frady down at Frady's Florists in Kings Mountain. One of my drivers is out in Shelby, and she is—the guy that shot the people in Charleston. She, uh, Shane is relaying this through the police department but she told me to call y'all too. She's behind—

Police: "Hold on, let me see if Richard's still on the phone."

Frady: "Okay."

(Call transfers)

Shelby PD: "Shelby Police Department."

Frady: "This is Todd Frady, down at Frady's Florists in Kings Mountain. I've been talking to Shane at the Kings Mountain police department, and one of my drivers is up there in Shelby —she's said she's behind the car."


Shelby PD: "Do you know where they're possibly at now?'

Frady: "They just passed Carter Chevrolet, going towards, you know—

Shelby PD: "Let me tell my officers right quick."

Frady: "Okay."


Frady: "Okay, he's at Charles Road in Shelby right now." (to someone else) "I've got the Shelby police on the phone."


Shelby PD: "I've got some officers out back near the mall."

Frady: "He's at Charles Road, headed towards Ingles."

Shelby PD: "Okay, okay. I've got some officers out where Ingles is now."

Frady: "Okay. She said it may not be but I've got the tag number. It's ALGS, umm, 330, South Carolina tags, black Hyundai, and it's got a weird tag on the front, she said. And the boy has a bowl-lookin' haircut."


Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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