The President of the United States Is Now Feuding With a Golf Website

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After a golf publication reported that President Donald Trump called the White House “a real dump” while hamming it up on the links with fellow rich people, the president clarified on Wednesday night that he definitely did not diss the historic building.


It’s a sad day when even becomes “Fake News.”

The website reported that Trump, who has claimed to be worth $10 billion, made the remarks to fellow members of his Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ. It doesn’t take much to imagine Trump recoiling in horror at the grand old home after living in a New York City penthouse (in one of his namesake properties) that looks like Midas’ tomb.


  • The NAACP issued its first-ever travel advisory, warning people of color traveling to Missouri of “looming danger” follow the passage of a bill which makes it harder to win discrimination lawsuits, which the organization is calling a new “Jim Crow law.”
  • “We aren’t winning,” Trump reportedly complained during a recent situation room meeting with top generals about the state of affairs in Afghanistan. “We are losing.”
  • Employees at one of the world’s only non-union Nissan plants are fighting to organize, facing threats of retribution or being told the plant will close if they vote to form a union.




Look at this alt-right person freaking out about her tire getting slashed, and the very probable explanation that she was actually responsible.


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