The reality show set on Mars just got another step closer to actually happening

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A reality show that hopes to document the colonization of Mars has culled a shortlist of 100 candidates — consisting of 50 men and 50 women, from close to 40 countries — from a pool of 200,000 applicants. The Mars One foundation plans to send a crew of four to the Red Planet in 2025, and also to put them all on television, because sure, why not.


Experts have questioned whether this ambitious timetable is feasible, but if it works out, the chosen few can look forward to a decade of intensive training, followed by a seven-month journey through the stars. To be clear, this is a one-way ticket to Mars, which is to say, they will totally die there. No, thank you.

Though it's tempting to entertain notions of rose ceremonies centered around adorable miniature oxygen tanks — or evicting particularly irritating housemates into the vacuum of space — you have to imagine that living conditions will be less than cushy. The desolate surface of Mars doesn't exactly lend itself to boozy helicopter dates or beachfront immunity challenges.


Finally, reality TV has conceived a form of contestant torture even worse than dating Juan Pablo.

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