It’s not very hard to get depressed about the state of the of the labor movement in this country on Labor Day, especially when you look at the correlation between the low membership in unions and the death of the middle class.

But a tweet by rapper Killer Mike and its responses might restore your faith in state of the labor movement.

Despite the mention of the "s" word ("socialism"), there are supportive responses. Quick history lesson: Labor Day is celebrated as the first Monday in September in honor of the first labor parade, held Sept. 2, 1882, in New York City. But it was not made a holiday until after the summer of 1894, when socialist Eugene Debs (who ran for president five times from the Socialist Party) helped organize protests by workers throughout the country.


But the labor movement's gains in the 20th century have mostly been erased by 2016. Labor unions have been scarce in many workplaces, and the middle-class has suffered as a result. Having just one day to celebrate, to many, is not seen as enough.


And of course, not everyone was thrilled by Killer Mike's tweet.


All in all, arguing over American values is probably the most 2016 thing to ever happen, so at least it seems supportive on the whole. Happy Labor Day 2016!