The RNC's third day was totally nuts—and not just because of Ted Cruz

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Another day at the Republican National Convention means another day of crazy, incoherent screaming and virtual civil war. The theme on Wednesday? "Make America First Again." Does that make any sense? No, no, it does not.

So, let's get right to it!

Laura Ingraham made a gesture she probably regrets


Radio host Laura Ingraham had an… inspired speech.

Ted Cruz got booed off stage and caused a total meltdown

Ted Cruz did not endorse Donald Trump, and by the time the crowd figured it out, they were extremely pissed.


Some Republicans weren't very happy.


Cruz's "principled" speech will likely stand out as day 3's highlight. Fun times.

The crowd loved its favorite "lock her up" chant about Hillary Clinton


One of the convention's favorite chants showed up early in the event when conservative radio host Laura Ingraham kicked off the night with the first Hillary Clinton reference.

Florida's attorney general also loved that chant

Interesting rhetoric.

Seriously, the Republicans really adore these "send Hillary Clinton to prison" jokes


This one doesn't necessarily make sense, but it definitely has the syntactic rhythm of a joke.

Scott Walker yelled…a lot


Scott. Walker. You. Have. A. Microphone. Stop. Yelling. In. Monotone. #RNCinCLE

— Felix Avenier (@FelixAvenier) July 21, 2016

Scott Walker decided that the way to become less boring was to be really loud. The results were unconvincing.


There was a confusing speech by Donald Trump's potentially drunk casino friend


Phil Ruffin walked onstage after a fiery Laura Ingraham speech and just kind of talked for a while about how good Trump is at paying his bills on time. (This might not actually be true.)


This "multi-level marketer" rambled, and rambled, and rambled

Michelle Van Etten was initially touted as someone employing 100,000 people, but further examination revealed that number was actually a little closer to… zero.


Van Etten's speech, which you can watch here courtesy of the Washington Post, seemed to veer off the teleprompter mid-way through and ended without any discernible connection to the Trump campaign.


Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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