The Second Democratic Debate Is Already on Its Petty Bullshit

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The second night of the second round of Democratic primary debates kicked off on Wednesday, and right out of the gate, things got real petty, real fast.

As the candidates were introduced to the stage, former Vice President Joe Biden leaned in to greet Sen. Kamala Harris and—either unaware that he was speaking into a microphone or still totally oblivious to the fact that he’s got, shall we say, a problem with how he interacts with women—urged the 54 year old Harris to “go easy on me, kid.



Harris—who dragged Joe to hell the last time they tangled in a debate—was more than willing to jump in the mud with Biden, repeatedly referring to him as “senator” rather than “vice president” in what was read as a pointed downgrading of his political experience.


Folks, the debate has only just began, and already? I hate it!