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It would be very hard to get weirder than the first night of the Republican National Convention, but that didn't mean that the group gathered in Cleveland for the convention's second night weren't going to try their best to match it. Did they succeed? Let's see what happened.


Ben Carson linked Hillary to L U C I F E R

A satanist in office? It will happen, if Hillary Clinton is elected, according to Dr. Carson:


Donald Trump Jr. nearly started another plagiarism scandal

Junior, known as "Don," helps run his father's business. The response to his speech was actually mostly positive. But there were still a major glitch the internet discovered: Junior's speechwriter admitted to plagiarizing from an article he'd written in May.

The offending passage was first discovered by "The Daily Show," which tweeted it along with the original source.


The author, Frank Buckley, came on Twitter to own up to being a self-plagiarist, though he asserted cribbing from oneself wasn't plagiarism.


The internet had its own thoughts:


Chris Christie held a wild mock trial of Hillary Clinton

Christie's post-primary woes are now well known, So he was given 15 minutes to hold a mock trial of Hillary Clinton. Watch as people shouted "lock her up!"

An NRA guy went full NRA

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 8.57.36 PM

Even though Tuesday was "Make America Work Again" night, the NRA was not going to miss the convention. Sadly, despite all the gun violence that has broken out in the U.S., NRA representative Chris Cox gave exactly the speech you'd expect, full of your favorite gun hits:

  • ☑️ "Good guy with a gun."
  • ☑️ DC v. Heller (the Supreme Court decision making local gun bans illegal).
  • ☑️ Women and guns
  • ☑️ Government (including police) inadequate to protect citizens
  • ☑️ Politicians soft on crime.

A white supremacist website got a shoutout

A group called VDARE got a shoutout from the GOP at the Quicken Loans Arena's tweet ticker. The Southern Poverty Law Center categorizes VDARE as “an anti-immigration hate website”


Some people didn't know much about the states they came from

The evening started out with a roll-call vote of America's 56 states and territories calling out their delegation's votes for president. Among the highlights: Nevada forgetting its state capital is Carson City, not Las Vegas.


UFC owner Dana White spoke of Donald Trump's love for his insane sport

Donald Trump loves mixed martial arts, which involves men and women legally beating the s*** out of each other (just the other day, a guy got his skull fractured).


So of course he had to invite UFC owner Dana White to the convention.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 8.33.02 PM

"Nobody took us seriously except Donald Trump…He saw the potential and encouraged us to build our business," White said. "He's that guy, he shows up." Trump has been spotted at numerous UFC events.

Would he host one at the White House??!!

A D-List actress-turned avocado grower closed the night

Kimberlin Brown, a former "Young and the Restless" star, was the last speaker of the night, and she just left everyone…confused. Her main message was how women should not be expected to vote en masse for Hillary Clinton just because of her gender. But she immediately lost everyone when she proclaimed she was no longer an actress but rather an avocado grower — "for all of you guacamole lovers."


Bad move:


Oh, and Donald Trump was officially nominated to be the Republican Party's presidential nominee.

That was by far the craziest moment of all.


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