The single greatest ‘Suicide Squad’ burn comes from…Kirsten Dunst?

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Suicide Squad is a bad movie. In fact, it's an even worse movie than the very bad movie everyone was praying that, at bare minimum, it would be better than. Whoops! Contrary to popular wisdom, perhaps sending your costars animal carcasses and anal beads (at least, unsolicited animal carcasses and anal beads) does not a successful summer blockbuster make.


The D.C. cinematic universe's latest failed effort is low-hanging fruit, to be sure, if not fruit that has fallen and been collected by someone who has already fermented it into humiliation wine. Yet the greatest burn on Suicide Squad comes not from a comedian on Twitter or a late-night TV host, but from a truly unexpected source: actress Kirsten Dunst. Earlier today, the very best part of Fargo's all-around excellent second season shared this post on Instagram:


Kiki—who played Mary Jane Watson in Marvel's Sam Raimi-directed Spider-Man franchise—is referring, of course, to The Virgin Suicides, the dreamily melancholy 1999 drama directed by Sofia Coppola in which she had a major role. Based on the eponymous novel by Jeffrey Eugenides, the film surrounds five teenage sisters who take their own lives. (Trust me: It is a more enjoyable watch than that description might lead you to believe.)

May Kirsten Dunst play the Joker forevermore.

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