The Split Show #2: Edward Snowden Is a Heroic Coward


In the second episode of The Split Show, our two faux-news shows, The Everyday Show and Freedom News, take a look at spying, the NSA, Edward Snowden and a safer society. (Could iPhones have killed Hitler? “Absolutely, if we just let them,” says Sir Simon Kingsley-Stott.) Pick a side…or don’t. With The Split Show, you don’t have to.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Executive Producer: Anna Holmes
Produced and Directed by: Jean-Paul Tremblay
Written by: Jean-Paul Tremblay, Damian Lanigan, Matt Haber
Starring: Mark La Mura, Tim McKiernan, Damian Lanigan
Development: Kit Cross

From Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Portugal and the UK we bring together skills in infographics, illustration, video, 3D, UX, game design, programming and above all a love of storytelling.

Jean-Paul Tremblay is a writer/director/producer working in NYC.