The Stockton Police Mugshot of a ‘Fine Piece of Specimen’ That Launched 23k Likes

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

The Stockton Police Department (SPD) was presumably trying to tell the Northern California community about a successful gun raid they had Wednesday when they posted a mugshot on their Facebook page.


But the plan backfired.

Women and men leaving comments on the image post seem to be more concerned with 30-year-old Jeremy Meeks’ appearance than his crimes.

The Stockton police officers arrested Meeks, 22-year-old Terry Bailey, 18-year-old Jurzi Coleman and 44-year-old Joelin Coleman, all on felony weapon charges.

Post by Stockton Police Department.

“Gaaaaaa'dam but this fine piece of specimen though and his piercing blue eyes WOIIII,” wrote one woman.

As of the time this story was published, the picture has been ‘liked’ more than 22,300 times.

Some women said they were interested in starting a fundraiser to raise money to bail Meeks.


It wasn’t just women who admired Meeks, either.

“Brb breaking every law to end up in his cell,” wrote one man.

An SPD spokesperson said they have no plans to stop posting mugshots on Facebook.


“Anytime we do a large-scale gang operation, we post pictures of the suspects arrested and any of weapons or contraband that have been seized,” said Stockton Police Department spokesperson Joseph Silva.

This photograph has been the most liked on Facebook page since the department launched its Facebook page in March 2012, according to Officer Silva.


Comments on Facebook criticizing Meeks’ fans for praising his looks were outnumbered.

“Why is everyone uptight, who cares about his criminal history. It's a picture on the Internet the man was made by GOD physically. Lol Let us enjoy looking, apparently he can't get to any of us,” wrote a woman responding to critics.


Take a look at the image below created by a Redditor that highlights some of the comments.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.