The Stupid Family Is Getting Wasted In Ireland On Our Dime

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

It wouldn’t be a proper Trump Eurotrip without the president’s large adult sons hitting up an Irish pub and brushing off concerns over using taxpayer funds!


BBC presenter Nuala McGovern, along with tens of Irish Trump stans (???), ran into Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. while the pair crawled pubs in the village of Doonbeg, even visiting their father’s own Trump International Golf Links and Hotel, which is located there.

Eric, when asked by McGovern if he thought getting wasted in Ireland was a good use of taxpayer funds, told her, “We’re just trying to have a good time.” I mean, at least he’s being honest here!!

BBC footage of the encounter is much more horrific, showing, somehow, young girls no older than the Trump boys’ tween brother Barron literally screeching for a selfie with the president’s sons.

Just look at these grown ass men just trying to have fun!


Unlike other parts of the continent that have protested President Donald Trump’s visit, Doonbeg welcomed the First Family with open arms because of Trump’s hotel, which residents have characterized as an “economic lifeline.”

“The people are 99.9% behind him,” Father Joe Haugh—who is the, get this, parish priest of the 262-person village—told the Guardian. “There’s no one else doing for us what he’s doing.”

Splinter Staff Writer, Texan